Student Exchange Programs

Student exchanges are one of the most common and rewarding types of sister city projects. They include exchanges between high school students as well as university students. Over the years, there have been a multitude of student exchanges in both directions between Omaha and the six sister cities.

Teacher Exchange Programs

Teacher exchange programs have offered teachers a unique opportunity to improve, and then teach international understanding. Over the years, the program has involved Omaha teachers going to our sister cities, as well as teachers from our sister cities coming to Omaha. The program offers teachers the opportunity to build relationships with students and teachers, learn the philosophy and goals of different schools and acquire valuable methods to bring back to their classrooms.


Over the years, there have been various programs involving a range of different types of scouting, including Omaha Venture Crew as well as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from Omaha, Shizuoka and Naas.